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Meet the Principal

School Administration

Interim Principal Dr. Babak Tehrani

Dear Lindstrom Lions,

It's with great pride that I begin my year as your principal for the Spring 2023-2024 academic term at Esther Lindstrom Elementary.

Our school, nestled with its rich traditions, is a nurturing environment for growth and learning. I am excited to continue our journey together, working alongside our dedicated teachers, support staff, and families to foster academic excellence and prioritize the social-emotional well-being of our students.

Among our cherished traditions is our unwavering commitment to academic achievement, ensuring our students are equipped with essential 21st-century skills to thrive in their future endeavors. At Lindstrom, we provide a rigorous academic curriculum, believing wholeheartedly in the potential of each student to succeed. Our esteemed faculty is dedicated to delivering top-notch instruction, valuing the professionalism and expertise of our teachers.

Diversity celebration and the cultivation of a culture of learners who prioritize social and emotional growth are also integral to our identity. Through programs like PBIS and Second Step, we foster a positive school climate, emphasizing values like Growth Mindset, Emotion Regulation, Empathy/Kindness, and Problem Solving embodied in our motto: ROAR - We Are Respectful, We Only Do Our Best, We Are Always Safe, and We Are Responsible.

Furthermore, our tradition of dynamic parent involvement underscores our belief in the partnership between home and school. We welcome and encourage family participation at all levels, recognizing their invaluable role in our students' education.

As your interim principal, my foremost priorities remain cultivating a positive school culture, ensuring engaging teaching practices in every classroom, and guaranteeing that all students achieve at high levels. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with our entire Lindstrom community to make this school year another remarkable chapter in our journey together.

Proudly part of the pride,

Dr. Babak Tehrani

Dr. Babak Tehrani

Dr. Tehrani