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Interim Principal Dr. Babak Tehrani


Dr. Babak Tehrani will be stepping in as the new Interim Principal of Esther Lindstrom Elementary School starting February 20, 2024. Dr. Tehrani brings a wealth of experience to this role, having served as Assistant Principal at Bellflower Middle/High School with a focus on Activities, Assessments, and Special Education. Dr. Tehrani’s educational journey is a testament to his dedication to the field of education. He is a graduate of Ernie Pyle ELementary School and was valedictorian at Bellflower High School. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Anthropology from UCLA, as well as a Masters in Arts in the Teacher Education Program, also from UCLA. And lastly, Dr. Tehrani earned his Doctorate in Education with a K-12 Specialization from CSULB. Dr. Tehrani is excited to take on this role, and is eager to work and build relationships with students, staff, and families. 

Esther Lindstrom's Wellness room.


Our newly established elementary Wellness Room stands as a sanctuary promoting holistic well-being for our students. This dedicated space offers a range of benefits, including a tranquil environment for relaxation, self-regulation, and mindfulness activities. Equipped with resources for yoga, meditation, and deep-breathing exercises, the Wellness Room empowers children with tools to manage their emotions and build resilience. Additionally, it serves as a refuge for those needing a break, fostering mental health and emotional balance. The room's design and purpose reflect our commitment to nurturing not only academic excellence but also the overall health and happiness of our students. Through regular use of the Wellness Room, children develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and healthy coping mechanisms, contributing to a positive and supportive school community. 

Lindstrom Science Lab


Our new elementary Science Lab offers an enriching and immersive learning environment, fostering curiosity and scientific exploration among young minds. Equipped with a variety of resources, the lab provides students with hands-on experiences that reinforce theoretical science concepts. Through engaging experiments and interactive demonstrations, children develop crucial scientific skills such as observation, experimentation, and critical thinking. The lab not only supports the school's commitment to STEM education but also cultivates a passion for discovery, laying the foundation for future scientists and innovators. Additionally, the space encourages collaborative learning, as students work together to solve problems. With this addition Lindstrom elementary is dedicated to inspiring a new generation of critical thinkers and nurturing a lifelong love for science.