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School Profile

About Lindstrom

Esther Lindstrom Elementary School is located in Lakewood. The facilities include 32 classrooms, two RSP classes, two special education classes, a library, and a multipurpose room, which also serves as the school cafeteria.

Esther Lindstrom serves 560 students. The attendance rate at the school was 96.77 percent during the prior school year. Student enrollment includes a variety of ethnic backgrounds: Asian 10 percent, Pacific Islander 2 percent, Filipino 9.5 percent, Hispanic 32 percent, African-American 9.5 percent, Caucasian 32 percent, and multiple 5 percent.

The school has 27 regular education teachers, four special education teachers, and a principal. Other personnel serving the school include a psychologist, two health assistants, two counselors and a speech and language therapist. All staff meet the credential requirements of the State of California. Ninety-two percent of our certificated staff have advanced degrees and 100 percent have pursued course work beyond their bachelor’s degree.

Lindstrom staff, parents/guardians, students, and the community collaborate to attain maximum academic excellence based on California content and performance standards.  We apply best practices to develop academic, social, physical, and emotional growth for all students.  We cultivate students who will develop positive self-esteem, as well as respect for others and their cultural differences.  Our school community seeks to create a caring, safe environment where every child is provided the opportunity to develop into a life-long learner who is cooperative, compassionate, confident, and productive.